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  • DIN/EN Cold Drawn Phosphated Steel TubeThis mechanical steel tubing has a shiny black look with exceptionally smooth and precise surface, and it is firm and durable. Moreover, leakage won’t take place even under high pressure.
  • DIN/EN Cold Drawn Galvanized Steel TubeOur zinc plated steel tube is usually within 6m in length, and the end caps are dust proof. The zinc layer is coated on the outer surface through cold galvanizing process, and the elimination of oxide ...

Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tubes

Our cold drawn seamless steel tubes, sometimes abbreviated as CDS tubes, meet all the requirements of DIN and EN standards, and they are manufactured from high quality carbon steel through cold drawing and bright heat treatment (NBK). This product is further divided into phosphated steel tube and galvanized steel tube.

The cold finished seamless pipe is a highly precise and glossy steel product that can withstand high pressure without causing leakage, and its inner and outer walls are both treated by high pressure spray gun and other special equipment to ensure outstanding wall cleanliness. After heat treatment, there is no oxide layer on inner and outer walls, and deformation is not likely to occur during expanding, flattening and cold bending. Owing to this, our cold drawn mechanical tubing fits for different machining treatments.

On the other hand, rust preventive oil is sprayed on the surface to avoid rust, and end caps are dust proof. Accordingly, our cold drawn seamless steel tube exhibits good resistance to rust and dust, making it applicable for automobile, hydraulic system and other fields.

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