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DIN/EN Cold Rolled Galvanized Steel Tube

DIN/EN Cold Rolled Galvanized Steel Tube

The DIN/EN cold rolled galvanized steel tube is a kind of precision seamless steel tube that is fabricated from precision seamless tube to guarantee its stable performance, and its length is within 6m.

1. As the name implies, our zinc plated steel pipe has a layer of zinc on the outer surface, and this layer is coated via cold galvanizing.

2. This cold rolled steel tubing possesses high dimensional accuracy, and no oxide is formed after heat treatment, thus offering good smoothness.

3. The cold rolled seamless mechanical tubing is able to stand high pressure. More specifically, cold bending won’t lead to tube deformation, and cracks won’t be generated during expanding and flattening operations. In this regard, this product has good processability.

4. Our cold rolled galvanized steel tube also exhibits excellent bending ability, high elongation rate and remarkable corrosion resistance, making it the perfect choice for automobile, hydraulic system and construction machinery. In addition, end caps are fixed at two ends of tube to prevent dust, and the zinc layer is either white or colored.

Technical Data
1. Material: St37.4, St35(E235), St45(E255), St52(E355)
2. Delivery condition: NBK (N), BK (C), GBK (A), BKW (LC), BKS (SR)

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