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  • DIN/EN Cold Rolled Galvanized Steel TubeThe cold rolled seamless mechanical tubing is able to stand high pressure. More specifically, cold bending won’t lead to tube deformation, and cracks won’t be generated during expanding and flattening operations. In this regard, this product has good processability.

Cold Rolled Seamless Steel Tubes

The cold rolled seamless steel tube is a precision steel tube, and it is made from cold rolled steel. This mechanical steel tubing is able to withstand high pressure without generating leakage problem, and there is no oxide layer on inner and outer surfaces. Moreover, our cold rolled steel pipe exhibits high precision and high smoothness, while deformation and cracks are avoided during expanding, flattening and cold bending.

Depending on the aforementioned properties, our cold rolled seamless steel tubes are universally utilized in automobile, motorcycle, electric vehicle, precise machinery, hydraulic equipment, steel sleeve, steel bearing, pneumatic component, medium/low pressure boiler, petrochemical industry, aerospace engineering, electric power industry, etc.

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