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Seamless Steel Tubes for Hydraulic and Pneumatic System

Seamless Steel Tubes for Hydraulic and Pneumatic System

The seamless steel tube for hydraulic and pneumatic system has a self-explanatory name that well demonstrates its application field, and it is a precision steel tube made from high quality carbon steel via cold drawing or cold rolling.

1. Our hydraulic tube and pneumatic tube receive bright heat treatment in a controlled atmosphere that doesn’t contain oxygen to realize the delivery condition of NBK, and the inner surface is washed by high pressure spray gun and other specialized device. As a result, there is no oxide on the inner and outer surfaces, which not only maintains dimensional accuracy and surface smoothness, but also improves inherent properties of this seamless steel tube.

2. The seamless hydraulic steel tubing is sprayed with rust preventive oil to avoid rust, and there are two end caps to keep away dust. In addition, nondestructive testing is carried out to ensure product quality.

3. Our seamless steel pipe has a high working pressure, and it also possesses excellent processability. For example, it won’t get deformed by cold bending, while expanding and flattening treatments won’t generate any crack. Thus, this steel pipe fits for various types of deep processing.

This seamless steel tube is often adopted to make gas or fuel transfer system used in cars, coaches, locomotives, excavators, bulldozers, road sweepers, concrete pump trucks, overhead working trucks and other engineering machinery. Moreover, it could build up hydraulic pipelines which are very important for hydraulic machines, and it is particularly suitable to be connected to bite type fittings to provide much better connection results than traditional welding method.

Technical Data
1. Standard: EN 10305-4
2. Material: E235, E355, others on request
3. Delivery condition: NBK (N), others on request
4. Outside diameter: 4.0-114.3mm
5. Wall thickness: 0.5-14.0mm
6. Surface finish: Phosphated or galvanized
7. Quality: Inspection Certificate EN 10204-3.1, others on request

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