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EP Stainless Steel Tube

Our EP stainless steel tube is manufactured from high quality stainless steel seamless and welded tube by electropolishing. And its material type is 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321. It comes with a high gloss finish and its surface roughness is less than 0.4um due to surface finishing and passivation. Built to meet ASTM standards, our stainless steel tube is washed with 60℃ fresh water and then cleaned by heated and filtered nitrogen gas. Two anti dust caps are used to cover both ends of tube to protect from dust. Each tube is packaged with double layer anti static bag, offering excellent anti static and anti dust properties. Our products are commonly used in microelectronics, medicine, petrifaction, cosmetics, foodstuff, beverage, instrument and other industries.

Tianyang is an experienced EP stainless steel tube manufacturer, based in China. Our products include cold drawn & cold rolled seamless steel tube, seamless stainless steel tube, boiler seamless steel pipe, honed tube, and much more.

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