Hydraulic Cylinder Honing Tube (Honed Tube)

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Hydraulic Cylinder Honing Tube (Honed Tube)

Standards: EN10305, DIN2391, GB/T8713-88, ASTM, A513, Type 5, ASTM A519
Materials: ST52, ST45, ST55, CK45, 27SiMn, 20Mn220, 20 Mn2
Delivery Status: BK (+C), BKS (+SR), BKW, NBK (+N)
Application: Petroleum pump, coal mine, engineering machinery, hoisting and conveying machinery

Hydraulic cylinder honing tube is an ideal construction machinery tubing product by cold drawing and hot rolling. It comes with many features of sturdiness, durability, high gloss finish and high precision. Due to the process of rolling finishing, its surface has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties. In addition, our company is a professional honed tube manufacturer in China. The quality products provided by us have a long lifespan, ideally suitable for hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic jack, hydraulic ram, cylinder, shock absorber.

Tianyang is a hydraulic cylinder honing tube manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to honed tube, we also offer bundy tube (Zista tube), seamless stainless steel tube, cold drawn & cold rolled seamless steel tube, and more.

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