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  • DIN/EN High Precision Cold Drawn & Cold Rolled and BA Seamless Steel Tube
  • DIN/EN High Precision Cold Drawn & Cold Rolled and BA Seamless Steel TubeAs a kind of carbon steel tube, our DIN/EN precision cold drawn and cold rolled and BA seamless steel tube is produced from high grade carbon steel by finishing drawing, precision rolling, and bright heat treatment without oxidization (NBK). This product has a tough and durable high gloss finish. Its inner wall with high cleanliness is cleaned by special machines and then rinsed with a high pressure spray gun. Our tube is painted with anti corrosion coatings and its both ends are covered with anti dust caps...
  • DIN/EN Black and Phosphated Hydraulic Tube with High Precision
  • DIN/EN Black and Phosphated Hydraulic Tube with High Precision Our DIN/EN black and phosphated hydraulic tube with high precision is manufactured from DIN high precision cold drawn seamless steel tube. As an ideal machinery tube, it offers a tough and durable high gloss finish, coming with these features of high precision surface, no leak under high pressure. Also, thanks to these characteristics of a beautiful surface and good anti corrosive property, it can be used as hydraulic system steel tube ...
  • DIN/EN Cold Drawn & Cold Rolled Galvanized Steel Tube with High Precision
  • DIN/EN Cold Drawn & Cold Rolled Galvanized Steel Tube with High Precision As a kind of precision steel tube with stable performance, our DIN/EN cold drawn and cold rolled galvanized steel tube is obtained from DIN finished seamless tube. Its external wall is treated with cold galvanizing spray and both ends respectively offer an anti-dust cover. Among this, its galvanizing length is within 6meters. Without oxide layer, it has many features which include good cleanliness, high plasticity and high extensibility. It is ideal for various kinds of machining operations ...
  • Seamless Stainless Steel Tube
  • Seamless Stainless Steel Tube A high gloss finish for internal and external wall is available.
    Our seamless stainless steel tube offers good mechanical performance.
    With high precision, this product has high thermostability, excellent anti oxidation and anti corrosion properties.
    This tube is available in a wide range of grits. (150-635 Grits) ...
  • Shaped Steel Tube
  • Shaped Steel Tube Compared with those circular tubes, this shaped steel tube comes with large moment of inertia and high torsional stiffness, greatly reducing its weight and saving some materials. As a kind of anti corrosive tubing products, it can act as varied structural parts, tools, accessories and parts, widely used in many industries including aviation, auto parts, shipbuilding, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, building, light textile and boiler manufacturing ...
  • EP Stainless Steel Tube
  • EP Stainless Steel TubeOur EP stainless steel tube is manufactured from high quality stainless steel seamless and welded tube by electropolishing. And its material type is 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321. It comes with a high gloss finish and its surface roughness is less than 0.4um due to surface finishing and passivation. Built to meet ASTM standards, our stainless steel tube is washed with 60℃ fresh water and then cleaned by heated and filtered nitrogen gas ...
  • Bundy Tube (Zista Tube)
  • Bundy Tube (Zista Tube) By using raw materials of BHG2 extra-deep drawing steel from Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., our Bundy tube offers many features of resistance to high pressure blasting and excellent anti-seismic performance. The extra-deep drawing steel will be made into precision strip steel by cold rolling technique. And then the precision strip steel will be galvanized through the continuous production line or passivated with military green or white ...
  • Boiler Seamless Steel Pipe
  • Boiler Seamless Steel Pipe Our boiler seamless steel pipe is obtained from steel ingot or solid bar by piercing technique and then hot rolling, cold rolling or cold drawing. Our tube demonstrates many advantages of high strength, good stability and powerful antioxidant property after a series of tests such as hydrostatic, flare and flattening testing. Even under high pressure, high temperature or other conditions, there will be no signs of rusting thanks to its excellent anti-corrosion property ...