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Bundy Tubes

Bundy Tubes

Our Bundy tubes are manufactured from BHG2 ultra-deep drawing steel supplied by Baosteel Group, and it is characterized by good surface smoothness as well as remarkable resistance to shock, corrosion and high pressure blasting.

Production Process
The ultra-deep drawing steel is converted into precision steel strip via cold rolling, and then it will pass through a continuous production line so as to be coated with zinc or passivated with a green or white layer.

Our Zista tubes are commonly seen in condensers, evaporators, brake lines, refrigeration compressors as well as cooling systems, and they can be covered with zinc, aluminum alloy, aluminum-zinc alloy, PVF or PVDF.

Technical Data
1. Material: RST34.2
2. Standard: DIN2394, SAE J527, ASTM A254
3. Size (mm): 4×0.51, 4.76×0.7, 6×0.7, 6.35×0.7, 8×0.7, 9×0.7, 10×0.7, 12×0.7

As a professional Bundy tube manufacturer in China, Tianyang also provides seamless steel tube for boiler, DIN/EN cold drawn phosphated steel tube, hydraulic cylinder honing tube, special shape steel tube and more.

Related Names
Bundy Pipe | Zista Tube | Low Carbon Steel Tube | Zinc Coated Steel Tube

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