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The burst pressure test bench is manufactured by MEXIMFTOK, a German company that has been dedicated to the research, development and production of various kinds of equipment and complicated systems used in high pressure industry since the 1960s.

This test bench has a simple yet attractive appearance, and it is mainly composed of fully automatic control system, touch screen control panel, explosion proof test tank and gas driven hydraulic pump.

1. Fully Automatic Control System
It automatically limits the maximum pressure required for testing, and will retain this pressure after reaching the maximum pressure. It is capable of conducting static pressure test, and could automatically record the tested burst pressure. Moreover, it increases pressure gradually to get more precise burst pressure, and will ask automatically if test data need to be saved. In addition, the pressure control accuracy is 0.25%FS.

2. Touch Screen Control Panel
This control panel helps to realize fast and convenient operation.

3. Explosion Proof Test Tank
It is equipped with 12-mm-thick steel plate and toughened glass, thus offering a safety working environment.

4. Gas Driven Hydraulic Pump
This component offers pressure for burst pressure test, and the maximum output pressure is 4000 bars.

In general, this burst pressure test bench is able to measure burst pressures of our steel tubes, and it provides a true burst pressure rather than a theoretical value. If requested, the static pressure test could be implemented at a high pressure.

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