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  • Cold Drawn Seamless Steel TubesOur cold drawn seamless steel tubes, sometimes abbreviated as CDS tubes, meet all the requirements of DIN and EN standards, and they are manufactured from high quality carbon steel through cold drawing and bright heat treatment (NBK).
  • Cold Rolled Seamless Steel TubesThe cold rolled seamless steel tube is a precision steel tube, and it is made from cold rolled steel. This mechanical steel tubing is able to withstand high pressure without generating leakage problem, and there is no oxide ...
  • High Pressure Steel Tube for Fuel InjectionThanks to the surface strengthening technique which is applied to the inner surface of tube, our fuel injection steel tubing has a high working pressure, usually over 300 bars.
  • Seamless Stainless Steel TubesOur seamless stainless steel tubing exhibits excellent corrosion resistance to protect itself against corrosion caused by air, water, vapor, acid, alkali, salt and other substances, whilst it is also resistant to oxidation and high temperature.
  • Welded Stainless Steel TubesOur welded steel tubing is characterized by high precision, glossy surface, uniform wall thickness as well as high welding quality, and its size could be tailored to meet every specific application.
  • Electropolished Stainless Steel TubesOur EP tubing has ultra high surface smoothness. Technically speaking, the roughness average (Ra) is lower than 0.4μm after fine surface polishing and passivation are conducted.
  • Seamless Steel Tubes for Hydraulic Cylinder As indicated by its name, this seamless steel tube is especially designed and crafted to fit for hydraulic cylinders. On the tube surface, there is residual compressive stress which is helpful to close micro ...
  • Seamless Steel Tubes for BoilerAs proven by hydrostatic test, flaring test and flattening test, our seamless boiler tube possesses good stability, high mechanical strength as well as excellent resistance to oxidation, ...
  • Special Shape Steel TubesThe special shape steel tubes are fabricated without consuming too much steel, and they are available in a great many of shapes, such as oval, triangle, rhombus, hexagon, octagon, semicircle, quincunx, cone, irregular hexagon ...
  • Bundy TubesOur Bundy tubes are manufactured from BHG2 ultra-deep drawing steel supplied by Baosteel Group, and it is characterized by good surface smoothness as well as remarkable resistance to shock, corrosion and high pressure blasting.

At Tianyang, there are many kinds of steel tubes for customers to choose from, including precision steel tube, stainless steel tube, Bundy tube, seamless steel tube for boiler, seamless steel tube for heat exchanger, seamless steel tube for hydraulic cylinder as well as special shape steel tube.

These tubes boast good smoothness and high precision, and they could withstand high pressure without causing leakage. There is no oxide layer in either inner or outer surface, while deformation and cracks are not likely to take place during expanding, flattening or cold bending process.

Thanks to the abovementioned properties, our steel tubes have found a wide range of applications, and they are commonly involved in the production process of compressor, ship, automobile, special vehicle, diesel engine, auto part, hydraulic equipment, machining tool, forging machine, building machinery, engineering machinery, plastic processing machine, military industry, aerospace industry, etc.