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  • Physics LaboratoryIn our physics laboratory, there is one tensile testing machine, one hardness tester, two coating thickness gauges, and one surface roughness tester that is imported from Japan. These devices could detect tube’s hardness, tensile strength, yield strength, surface roughness, elongation rate, zinc layer thickness and other parameters.
  • Test EquipmentThe burst pressure test bench is manufactured by MEXIMFTOK, a German company that has been dedicated to the research, development and production of various kinds of equipment and complicated systems used in high pressure industry since the 1960s.
  • Chief Quality OfficerThe chief quality officer (CQO), also known as quality director, is the person that is generally responsible for product quality in a manufacturing plant, and he should not only master quality control, but also be skilled in interpersonal communication.

Tianyang is a modern steel tube manufacturing enterprise in China, and we pay special attention to quality assurance to ensure that every tube we provide is of reliable quality.

At the beginning, we purchased tensile testing machine, multi-element analyzer and some other test equipment according to our ex-factory inspection standards. After that, we gradually established several test laboratories including physics lab, chemistry lab, metallographic analysis lab, salt spray test lab, burst pressure test lab as well as impact test lab, and our test center was enlarged from 100 square meters to 300 square meters in 2007. In addition, we have invested about 3.5 million CNY to introduce a lot of leading-edge test equipment.

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